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Covered Bridge Road Witt Design Build Remodel Residential Construction Custom Home Builder


"We felt lucky to have had Chris and Karin Witt as our design and build team.  Our large project was a very personal one - re-envisioning a family lake lot and cabin to accommodate three generations.  Beginning in Fall 2019, Chris worked with us over months to bring a design to life that would achieve our vision, adding ideas we had not considered.  Once the build began in Fall 2020, he worked expertly within the building regulations, supply chain issues presented by the COVID pandemic, and managing the excellent owner-operator subcontractors. Living nearby during the build, I got a chance to meet each team and see their work, and their pride of work.  I particularly appreciated Chris's responsiveness. His communication about the project and attention to my many questions was immediate and ongoing, no question was too small.  Karin supported the design and directed us toward the aesthetic she knew we wanted, but, as novices, we often did not know it until we saw it.  Her approach was to suggest directions, check in and then confirm that the choices would fit into our vision. She would let us know if she thought a choice was not in the right direction, a comfort when you have to make so many decisions.   Karin also helped guide the structural elements of the design, too.  She was the one to solve a design conundrum on the front of the house and her idea was a perfect solution. Chris and Karin Witt had an eye toward what materials would be easy to maintain and last a long time.  We were interested in the best infrastructure for making our home cozy for three more generations.  Chris and Karin Witt are excellent and experienced design/builders and it was a pleasure to work with them."

Dave & Martha Feldshuh/Frommelt

Prior Lake, MN

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